Utah Soaring Intergroup
Of Overeaters Anonymous


What Are Meetings Like?

Many people struggling with problem behaviors with food find support and understanding in the meetings of Overeaters Anonymous. We meet to find an hour of peace and serenity during a day that may or may not have gone too well. The purpose of the meeting is to renew our experience, strength, and hope in our program of coping with our disorder.

It can be intimidating to attend an OA meeting for the first time. Don’t let that hesitation hold you back. We have a special meeting for newcomers on Monday night but all our meetings welcome newcomers.  The special newcomer’s meeting is informal and you are invited to ask questions. It is followed by a regular meeting. Most OA meetings follow a structured format with readings, a speaker, and sharing of our experience, strength, and hope. Each meeting is unique and follows its own format. We recommend that newcomers try 5-6 meetings to decide whether OA is for them, and which meetings they prefer.

For more information, download our Welcome to Overeaters Anonymous document from the recovery materials page.

Want to Talk to Someone First?

As mentioned, just walking into a meeting could be a difficult step. Please don’t be put off. If you would prefer, call our “Hotline” number,  801-997-0548, or text, and talk to a member of Overeaters Anonymous from our area. They will be able to answer your questions about the program, tell you what it was like coming into the program, and what it has done for them.


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