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Recovery Materials

Utah Soaring Recovery Materials

The following material consists of locally produced literature. This literature has been produced by the OA Utah Soaring Intergroup and in the Region. The content reflects the experience, strength, and hope of our individual members. It is not OA Conference or board approved and does not represent OA as a whole.

The material is free, but donations would be gratefully accepted. A button for your contributions can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Utah Soaring Group Rep Guide

A package of information to support the new Intergroup Representative in their service position. We want the “newcomer” to intergroup and want you to have a positive experience.

Included here you will find:
• A brief description of suggested actions for this service position.
• Also, brief descriptions of the Service Board and our committees. (You can find a list of
the Service Board members, contact information, and a brief description of their duties on
the website also www.oautah.org.)
• The Standing Rules of Order used by our intergroup.
• A Simple Version of Roberts Rules of Order which we use to run our meeting smoothly.
• Our current Bylaws


Welcome to the Newcomer

The first few meetings can sometimes be a bit intimidating to someone who is new to Overeaters Anonymous or Twelve Step Programs in general. We have put together a short introduction to the program and a set of common “jargon” you will probably hear and will wonder just what we are talking about.

This is a guide giving what has worked for a number of us and some ideas for your recovery.

Donations to Utah Soaring Intergroup

For group Seventh Tradition donations, please go to the intergroup business page. If this is a personal donation, thank you! Your donation will provide Utah-wide support for Overeaters Anonymous groups and events and get the message of recovery to those suffering from this illness. Please use the Contributions page. Thanks again!

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