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Recovery Materials

Utah Soaring Recovery Materials

The following material consists of locally produced literature. This literature has been produced by the OA Utah Soaring Intergroup and in the Region. The content reflects the experience, strength, and hope of our individual members. It is not OA Conference or board approved and does not represent OA as a whole.

The material is free, but donations would be gratefully accepted. A button for your contributions can be found at the bottom of this page.

A Tribute to Rozanne

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John K. gave a moving eulogy to Rozanne S. at the 2014 Los Angeles Intergroup retreat honoring Overeater Anonymous’ 54th birthday. Rozanne was the founder of OA.

Strong Meeting Checklist

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Meetings have to be strong and must function effectively for people to “stay for the miracle” and for OA to continue to grow and be there for those who need it in the future.  Consider doing an inventory of your OA meeting.

Attend a Zoom Meeting

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Most of our online meetings use the Zoom meeting service. There are a lot of buttons and options thrown at the user. Here is a simple guide for joining and participating in a meeting on the Zoom service.

Group Rep Guide

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A package of information to support the new Intergroup Representative. We want the “newcomer” to intergroup to have a positive experience.

Utah Soaring Bylaws

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Our bylaws are Utah Soaring intergroup’s operating manual. This document formalizes how the intergroup functions to serve the local fellowship.

Donations to Utah Soaring Intergroup

For group Seventh Tradition donations, please go to the intergroup business page. If this is a personal donation, thank you! Your donation will provide Utah-wide support for Overeaters Anonymous groups and events and get the message of recovery to those suffering from this illness. Please use the Contributions page. Thanks again!

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