Utah Soaring Intergroup
Of Overeaters Anonymous

Journey of Recovery

OA is a group of people who help each other stop eating compulsively. We use a program called Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. We have meetings and tools to help us. We do not ask for money, they only accept contributions from members who want to help. You don’t need to give money if you don’t want to or can’t afford to.

OA is different from other groups because it focuses on more than just losing or maintaining weight, or following certain diets. It helps with your overall health, including feelings and beliefs. It’s not a religious group and doesn’t push one kind of diet. If you struggle with compulsive eating, join Overeaters Anonymous to get help.

How it Works

If you are a binge eater, OA is not a diet club; it’s not for losing weight. Talk to professionals about your own diet plan – any approved plan is good. We admit we can’t control our overeating and giving up the idea that willpower is enough helps us stop overeating, one day at a time. OA helps members deal with the physical and emotional symptoms of overeating.

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