Utah Soaring Intergroup
Of Overeaters Anonymous

Journey of Recovery

Overeaters Anonymous (OA) is a fellowship of men and women who follow a program of recovery from compulsive eating using the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Worldwide meetings and other tools provide members with an opportunity to recover from their addictive behavior in a positive, self-help environment. OA charges no dues or fees; it is self-supporting through member contributions. There is no need to contribute if you cannot or do not wish to do so.

How it Works

Unlike other organizations, OA is not just about weight loss, gain or maintenance; or obesity or diets. It addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is not a religious organization and does not promote any particular diet. If you want to stop your compulsive eating, welcome to Overeaters Anonymous.

OA is not a diet club and makes no claims for weight loss. Each OA member should consult qualified professionals for their individual diet/nutrition plan, any medically approved plan of eating is acceptable. By admitting the inability to control our compulsive overeating and abandoning the idea that all one needs to be able to eat normally is “a little willpower,” it becomes possible to abstain from overeating – one day at a time. OA offers members support in dealing with the physical and emotional symptoms of compulsive overeating.

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