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Unity day announcement
A special day for OA

Unity Day

February 24th 12:30 (MST)

This day recognizes the strength of the Fellowship worldwide. On the last Saturday in February in even years and the last Sunday of February in odd years, at 12:30 p.m. mountain standard time, OA members pause to reaffirm the strength inherent in OA’s unity.

Workshop announcement

Big Book Zoom Workshop

Overeaters Anonymous of Southern Arizona
February 27th – 28th

Our speaker, with over 27 years of abstinence, who has done many Big Book workshops in the US, Canada, and overseas will apply the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous directions for working the Twelve Steps to the OA experience.

   Big Book Zoom Workshop

Retreat announcement

Let Your Recovery Bloom

Region III
2021 Spring Convention & Assembly

Houston, Texas Intergroup
March 19th – 21st

We will have 3 Separate Conference Zoom Streams providing a variety of topics, formats and speakers.

  1. Stepping through your Recovery Garden - A Walk through the Steps
  2. Zoom Stream of Topic Based Recovery Meeting
  3. An Open Hospitality Zoom Hangout Room, where you can find a friend to chat, play a virtual game, or find some serenity and solace as needed.

We are hoping to push Zoom to the limits and create an awesome time of learning and fellowship for all who attend!!

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Please go to: Convention Registration

Workshop announcement

Pitfalls in Recovery

Utah Soaring Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous
May 15th
Noon to 1:30 p.m. (MST)

How to Avoid Relapse.

Via ZOOM until further notice:
- Meeting number for all Zoom meetings is: 410051278
- Password: oautah (all lower case)

7th Tradition Donation:
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Utah Soaring Intergroup
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Idea day announcement
A special day for OA


International Day Experiencing Abstinence
November 20th

Celebrated the third weekend in November, this day encourages OA members worldwide to begin or reaffirm their abstinence from compulsive overeating. A chance to get started or boost our recovery and abstinence before the holidays.

Twelfth within day announcement
A special day for OA

Twelfth Step Within Day

Wednesday, December 12th

What will you be doing on December twelfth? On the twelfth day of the twelfth month every year, OA members strengthen our Fellowship by reaching out to still-suffering members within the program: members in relapse, members who have fallen away, and members needing extra support. This December twelvth consider arranging a special event or setting up opportunities for service. Does your group have a designated Twelfth Step Within service position? Twelfth Step Within service can contribute to the well-being of the group as a whole as well as reclaim and retain existing OA members.

Exclimation mark Scholarships Available:

The Utah Soaring Intergroup has approved a policy offering scholarships to members or newcomers in the Utah area which cover the registration cost for attending in-person OA events. If you are a member of a Utah Soaring group and interested in the scholarship, please contact our Activities Committee Chairperson at email…

If you are not in need of a scholarship and would like to help support Utah Soaring›s scholarships, please go to the intergroup donation page. Thank you!