Utah Soaring Elections

What do you need to do to run for a service board position? Here’s a timetable of what will be going on and when things need to be done.


  1. Pick up an Application form. Your group’s Intergroup Representative will have blank application forms.  You can download one here.
  2. Complete the applications and, if possible, join the October Intergroup with your application to be nominated. (See intergroup meetings page for virtual attendance directions.)
  3. If you just wish to be a part of a committee, please contact the Committee chairperson listed on Contacts. To serve as chair of a committee, please attend an intergroup meeting and announce your interest.  A committee chairperson is a very responsible position and we can give you the guidelines for chairing a committee and the Intergroup’s expectations.


  1. Nominations will take place first on the Agenda.
  2. Anyone can nominate an individual, including an individual nominating oneself.
  3. A Nomination and a second is required — no voting is done at this time.
  4. Time to share from the each of the individuals nominated is allowed. This is especially encouraged if there are two or more running for the same position.
  5. The applications of all those who are nominated are gathered and copies made to distribute to all the groups.


Note to Service Board and Chairpersons: Each group is allowed one vote, along with each member of the board and each committee chairperson. If you are group representative and also a committee chairperson or member of the service board you will have only one vote. Please encourage another person from your group to come, substituting as the IR, and cast the vote of the group. This allows you your own vote and your group a vote.

  1. Each Intergroup Representative is responsible for polling their group or arranging an election within the group to determine who the representative’s vote at the November Intergroup meeting
  2. Intergroup meeting: time is taken to tune in to Higher Power and ask for guidance and the spirit of love and service during this important time.
  3. Each board member, Committee Chairperson and Intergroup Representative will be given access to the online, secret voting application to cast their vote.
  4. The Elections Chairperson and one other individual will adjourn and tally the online votes.
  5. The results are given to the group.
  6. The position is given according to majority vote. We do not announce numbers — only the name of the person who is elected to fill the service board position.

Thanks to all who are willing to run. We need your service!