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The 64th OA Birthday Party

Together We Get Better

January 12th – 14th

Los Angeles Intergroup

What is the Birthday Party?

On the second weekend of January each year, fellows gather in Los Angeles to celebrate the 1960 founding of Overeaters Anonymous by Rozanne S. in the city where it all began. This 3-day conference serves to enhance personal recovery in OA and highlight fellowship and service, with a healthy dose of fun in the evenings. It is also the largest fundraiser of the year for the Overeaters Anonymous Los Angeles Intergroup.

What will you experience at the Birthday Party?

The Birthday Party includes workshops, panels, marathon meetings, and special focus meetings, all led by a diverse range of speakers who carry the OA message of recovery.

The weekend is also packed with opportunities for fellowship, including sponsor meet & greets, special interest meet-ups, yoga, and meditation, not to mention an opening ceremony and entertainment on Friday night, a dance party on Saturday night (so don’t forget your boogie shoes!), and a closing ceremony on Sunday morning.


LAX Hilton
5711 W Century Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90045


Early Bird Registration: $45 (Through Nov. 30)
General Registration: $55 (Through Jan. 7)
Final Registration: $65 (Through Jan. 14)


Any questions?

Contact bdp@oalaig.org

For registration-specific questions, email bdpregistration@oalaig.org.

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