Utah Soaring Intergroup


Age of Miracles

OA Birthday Party

January 13th - 15th

Los Angeles Intergroup

What is the Birthday Party?

The annual Overeaters Anonymous Birthday Party celebrates the January 1960 founding of our program. The Birthday Party is the main Special Event of the year for the Los Angeles Intergroup. Its purpose is to enhance personal recovery in OA, raise funds to keep the intergroup thriving, and highlight fellowship and service. Come and meet your fellows from all over the world. Let’s bring our zoom squares to life!

What will you experience at the Birthday Party?

Workshops, panels, marathon meetings, and special focus meetings on a large range of topics all weekend long. You can expect sponsor meet & greets, yoga, meditation, an opening ceremony on Friday night, a dance party on Saturday night, and a closing ceremony on Sunday morning.

LAX Hilton
5711 Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045