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OA Quick Steps

Two-Part OA Quick Steps Workshop

January 15th & January 29th

8:00 to 11:30 a.m. (MDT)

Unity Intergroup

One of the promises in the AA Big Book is that before you’re done with Step Nine, the obsession is lifted. Increase your chance of success — join the OA Quick Step series, get abstinent.

You will need to have a sponsor who can help you through the Fourth and Fifth Steps.

There are no fees for this workshop, but we will be collecting a Seventh Tradition donation.

The time commitment is two Saturday sessions, plus homework. Expect to be very busy working on recovery for these weeks!

The purpose of this workshop is to get people through the Twelve Steps quickly, to help people obtain a successful, lifelong recovery, and aid in the retention and growth of recovered compulsive eaters in OA.

Register: Contact unityquicksteps@gmail.com. Registration is required as class size is limited. The Zoom Link will be sent to registrants.

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