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OA’s 62nd Birthday Party

Window of Oppertunity

January 14th - 16th

Event Organizer: Los Angeles Intergroup
Event Type: Convention

The 2022 Birthday Party will be virtual!

What is the Birthday Party?

The annual Overeaters Anonymous Birthday Party celebrates the January 1960 founding of our program. The party is the main Special Event of the year for the Los Angeles Intergroup. Its purpose is to enhance personal recovery in OA, raise funds to keep the intergroup thriving, and highlight fellowship and service.

What will you experience at the Birthday Party?

Workshops, panels, marathon meetings, and special focus meetings on a large range of topics all day Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, we will be having a weekend-long Big Book study, which is always well-attended. You can expect numerous panels and workshops, including our popular “Sober Eating” workshop and sponsor meet & greets.

Additionally, there will be other fun things on the schedule, such as yoga and meditation. We have a unique opportunity this year to connect with fellows from all over the globe without leaving our homes!

How expensive is the Birthday Party?

Compared to other regional and national events (the last WSO Convention registration fees started at $109), our registration fee this year is $30. Registration opens on October 15th at oabdp.org.

Register: https://registration.socio.events/e/oabdp22

OA Quick Steps

Two-Part OA Quick Steps Workshop

January 15th & January 29th

8:00 to 11:30 a.m. (MDT)

Event Organizer: Unity Intergroup
Event Type: Workshop

One of the promises in the AA Big Book is that before you’re done with Step Nine, the obsession is lifted. Increase your chance of success — join the OA Quick Step series, get abstinent.

You will need to have a sponsor who can help you through the Fourth and Fifth Steps.

There are no fees for this workshop, but we will be collecting a Seventh Tradition donation.

The time commitment is two Saturday sessions, plus homework. Expect to be very busy working on recovery for these weeks!

The purpose of this workshop is to get people through the Twelve Steps quickly, to help people obtain a successful, lifelong recovery, and aid in the retention and growth of recovered compulsive eaters in OA.

Register: Contact unityquicksteps@gmail.com. Registration is required as class size is limited. The Zoom Link will be sent to registrants.

There Is A Solution

2022 OA Virtual Region Convention

February 18 - 20th

Event Organizer: Virtual Region of Overeaters Anonymous
Event Type: Convention

No matter what your language, or what your problem with food, you are welcomed and accepted here!



  • Five (5) keynotes over two days, speaking for 30 minutes each, followed by question and answer sessions
  • Over 21 workshops and meetings on the Steps, Body Image, Relapse Prevention, Diversity, Abstinence and many other topics.
  • The complete convention schedule can be found on the Virtual Region convention website
  • Multilingual, click-on listening channels for your options
  • Closed Captioning
  • Stepping around the world workshops

Please continue to check the Virtual Region convention page https://oavirtualregion.org/convention/ for updates and instructions!

QUESTIONS EMAIL: registrationsupport@oavirtual.org

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