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In Overeaters Anonymous, we realized that we have a serious illness that we can’t beat on our own. At our first meeting, we discovered that willpower, emotional health, and self-confidence are not enough. Although we each have our own reasons for having this illness, we can all stop it. We have found a way to stop it that really works. If you are a compulsive eater and are still struggling, use our method to stop.

We have a program for people who struggle with food, similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. We use AA’s twelve steps and traditions and replace “alcoholic” and “alcohol” with “food” and “compulsive eating.” Our members have successfully used this program to recover from compulsive eating.

Know that it is not just for the overweight, compulsive behavior with food is visible and shaming for the overeater, but compulsive behavior includes starving, purging, and addictive behavior with substances like sugar or salt. Our For the Anorexic or Bulimic discusses some of these issues. 

We can help you recover from compulsive food behavior. It’s simple! You just have to be honest with yourself about your illness. Keep coming back to meetings and talk to other people who are also recovering. Read our literature and books from Overeaters Anonymous with an open mind. Most importantly, you need to be willing to rely on a higher power for guidance in your life and do the twelve steps to the best of your ability. This way, we believe you can become one of those who recover.

The program is meant to help people stop compulsive eating. Those who join the program follow the twelve-step program to recover from their eating habits. The program helps people surrender to something greater than themselves.

Members of the program offer newcomers a gift of acceptance. The message reassures newcomers that weakness is not a problem in the program. It is actually the key to success. Anyone who wants to join the program is welcome. We offer the chance to personally contact other compulsive eaters in our meetings; see our meeting list for some chances for seeing the program in action.

Our suggestions can help with compulsive eating, which affects our emotions, bodies, and spirits. Remember, our Twelve Steps are a spiritual way of getting better.

If you decide you are one of us, we welcome you with open arms. Whatever your circumstances, we offer you the gift of acceptance. You are not alone anymore. Welcome to Overeaters Anonymous. Welcome home!

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