Utah Soaring Intergroup
Of Overeaters Anonymous

For Group Reps

The purpose of the Utah Soaring Intergroup is to develop, support, maintain and encourage our OA groups. Each group elects a representative who meets monthly with representatives from the neighboring groups and the elected Intergroup Service Board. The role of the group representative is to represent their group in Intergroup decisions and in tasks undertaken jointly with other groups in the area and tries to keep their group informed about what the local intergroup is doing. Many group problems can be solved by sharing experiences with representatives from other groups.

Suggested Group Rep Duties

The following is a list of monthly actions for the group representatives:

  1. Attend the monthly Intergroup meeting. See the Intergroup Meeting page for information about the date, time, and location of the meeting.
  2. Take note of all the events and discussions that take place to the best of your ability. Many representatives take their notes on the Agenda that is handed out. (The Secretary is taking detailed notes that will be distributed a few days after the meeting.)
  3. Give your group’s 7th tradition donation each month to the Intergroup treasurer. Donations can be mailed to:  Utah Soaring Intergroup, 121 West 100 North, Fremont, UT, 84747-1249, or submitted via PayPal. 
  4. When the Intergroup meets in person, an envelope is usually passed around for donations. Utah Soaring Intergroup breaks down the group donations and sends the predetermined split to Region III and World Service so the group’s treasurer does not have to be concerned with this task.
  5. Make sure the Intergroup Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary have your phone number and email address so that you can be contacted about Intergroup business.
  6. Act as the representative for the group to vote on motions, decisions, elections, etc.
  7. Take your enthusiasm for Overeaters Anonymous, participation, and Intergroup happenings back to your group. Share with them the information and your experience.
  8. Encourage others to attend Intergroup – anyone and everyone can visit!

More Information

Please also download the Utah Soaring Group Rep Guide from the Recovery Materials page.

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