“Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion;for this I am responsible.”

Utah Soaring Intergroup

of Overeaters Anonymous

Utah Soaring Trusted Servants

Tradition Two: For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority — a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.

Current Service Board

Table 1: Service Board
Service Servant Email
Chair OPEN oautah.chair@gmail.com
Vice Chair OPEN oautah.vicechair@gmail.com
Secretary Taurra oautah.secretary@gmail.com
Treasurer Ross oautah.treasurer@gmail.com
Delegate Julie A. oautah.delegate@gmail.com
Alternate Delegate OPEN oautah.altdel@gmail.com

The Intergroup will have an election every year in November to fill the positions that are open in the following year. The election involves the entire fellowship represented by the Utah Soaring Intergroup. It is a three month process and a very important process for the fellowship. The time-line for applying is described here.


The following descriptions are intended to summarize the definition and requirements for serving on the Utah Soaring Intergroup Service Board and do not supersede or modify in any way the descriptions or requirements contained in the Bylaws of the Utah Soaring Intergroup.

All the positions require the applicants to be abstinent (according to their own definition) and maintain abstinence throughout their term. All members serve a one-year term. Nominations will be conducted at the October Intergroup meeting and elections at the November Intergroup with new members taking their position in January of the following year. 

To serve in one of the Intergroup Service Board positions, you must have attended two Intergroup meetings by the October Intergroup meeting and submit an application. The meetings attended do not necessarily have to be consecutive, but nominees need to have a grasp of what goes on at Intergroup meetings.

Download an application for service positions: Application.


Presides at Intergroup meetings, and acts as a parliamentarian to help conduct the Intergroup business, and is an ex-officio (honorary) member of all committees. The Chair prepare an agenda for each Intergroup meeting.

The Chair will help committees and groups with questions about the Twelve Traditions.


Assumes duties of Chair in case of his/her absence or resignation until a new Chair is selected; handles all World Service Office inquiries for information about Utah Soaring Intergroup, and keeps a current list of contact persons for meetings in the Utah Soaring Intergroup and maintains the WSO list of meetings. The Vice-Chair will maintain a list of all committee chairs and members and report any vacancies to the Intergroup.

The Vice-Chair is also responsible for the running of elections in the fall.


Must be present at all Service Board and Intergroup meetings or arrange for the taking of minutes. The Secretary provides preliminary set of minutes to the Chair for distribution to the intergroup. The Secretary keeps an up-to-date collection of the meeting minutes for two years, a list of corrected policies, and Utah Soaring bylaws.

The Secretary will e-mail all Intergroup service board, committee chair-persons, and Intergroup meeting representatives a copy of the agenda, the preliminary minutes from the preceding meeting, the preliminary Treasurer report and all committee reports at least one week before each Intergroup meeting.

The Secretary maintains the intergroup archives.


Receives and records all donations and maintains a checking account for the Intergroup; provides an written report at each monthly meeting, or arranges for someone else to give the report in the event of their absence from a business meeting.  The Treasurer report is to be sent to the Secretary in time for the distribution to the Intergroup a week before the Intergroup meeting.

The Treasurer will also be responsible for maintaining and filing all legal documents regarding the Intergroup.

Regional Representative and World Service Business Conference Delegate and Alternate Delegate:

The Delegate attends the Region Three Assemblies and World Service Business Conference, representing the Utah Soaring Intergroup and the fellowship. The Delegate will report to the intergroup any WSO and region information of interest at each Intergroup meeting.  The Delegate is responsible for maintaining the intergroup policy manual. The Delegate will also maintain the intergroup Group Rep manual (information for new group representatives).

The Alternate Delegate will attend the region or World Service business conferences in the absence of the Delegate.  The Alternate Delegate is also responsible for maintaining the bylaws of the intergroup.

Who will serve??

Please consider service to your area groups! Your Intergroup is headed into a couple of exciting and busy years. Please seriously consider serving and being part of this thrilling time. Can you serve as an member of Intergroup? Can you think of someone who you would like to nominate?

Does your group have an Intergroup Rep?

Intergroup serves the members by providing resources for you and your group. Please feel free to join us and see what it is about; we’d love to have you there! more...