“Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion;for this I am responsible.”

Utah Soaring Intergroup

of Overeaters Anonymous

Utah Soaring Intergroup Committees

Committee Diagram
Fig.1 - Utah Soaring Structure.

Committee Descriptions

  • Activities

    A highly creative committee! Activities will create, promote and staff a fund raising events for the Delegate Fund. The activities are generally one day or half-day workshops and seminars on the steps, traditions, tools, just every aspect of living a happy, joyous and free life in the OA program.

    Table 1: Activities
    Service Servant Phone E-Mail
    Chair OPEN   oautah.activities@gmail.com
  • Communications

    Communications is responsible for getting the word about OA out to the general public and keeping the fellowship up-to-date on events and information within the community. It currently supports the public information and attraction by maintaining a hot-line phone service and website. The website and “blaster” email subscription service keep the fellowship aware of news and events within the program.

    • Blaster

      The Blaster is an email subscription service that sends members perhaps weekly information from World Service, Region III, or Utah Soaring. Anyone interested can sign up for the service and will then receive email with current information and events.

    • Hotline

      The Hotline Subcommittee is responsible for maintaining and updating the Utah Soaring Intergroup hotline. The staff will answer voice-mail requests for information from the public and support the callers with any information and encouragement about the program and help finding a meeting or other ongoing contact to the program.

    • Website

      The website's primary purpose is to support a point of attraction to the general public of the purpose and support for the compulsive eater. The website will also provide the public and fellowship with a central point of reference on OA events and program support.

    For specific details on the various positions, please see Communications Committee Description.

    Table 2: Communications
    Service Servant Phone E-Mail
    Chair OPEN oautah.comm@gmail.com
    Blaster Jim R. (acting) 801-631-4428 oautah.blaster@gmail.com
    Hotline Kate A. 801-918-1845 oautah.hotline@gmail.com
    Infrastructure: OPEN    
    Webmaster Jim R. 801-631-4428 oautah.website@gmail.com
  • Group Development

    Group Development will provide support and ideas to our local groups for attracting and retaining membership. Its main goal is the development of strong groups and an active fellowship.

    Table 3: Group Development
    Service Servant Phone E-Mail
    Chair Ryan B. 801-792-9427 oautah.groupdev@gmail.com
  • Public Information and Professional Outreach

    The PIPO Committee informs the general public about our program. It tells professionals and others who work with compulsive overeaters about OA. Provides information about our Fellowship to the local community via media such as newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. Arrange booths at local health fairs. HIPM Committee carries the OA message to hospitals, institutions, prisons, and military.

    Table 4: Public Information & Professional Outreach
    Service Servant Phone E-Mail
    Chair Kris 801-230-3984 oautah.pipo@gmail.com